FC 24: All Celebration List

Celebrations have been a long staple of the previous FIFA series and thankfully have carried forward into FC 24. Whether you are playing against mates or against an online rival – it can be great to show off after a goal just to let your win sink. There are plenty of new celebrations this year, but don’t worry; this guide will bring you a list of all celebrations in FC 24.

New Celebrations in FC 24:

  • All Ears: Press L1/LB and Triangle/Y.
  • Bye: Press L1/LB and R3/RS.
  • Faking It: Press L2/LT and flick R3/RS left twice.
  • Rock On: Press L2/LT and R3/RS.
  • Workout: Press L2/LT and Square/X.
  • Ronaldo’s Nap: Press X/A, but only when you play as Ronaldo.
  • Griezmann’s Penguin: Press X/A, but only when you play as Griezmann. 
All Celebrations in FC 24

1). Celebrations Basics

2). Running Moves

3). Finishing Moves


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